How to dress like the 60s?

Men's fashion of the 60s
Have you ever thought about researching 60s fashion?
No right?
But trust me, it's always interesting to know what people wore in the past.

The 1960s were a time when people focused a lot on fashion.
Although many years have passed since the 1960s, their influence still lingers today.

Men's fashion in the 1960s essentially referred to an increase in color and pattern.

Fashions from the 1960s continue to influence men's fashion today.
From sensational silhouettes to unforgettable bohemian style, 60s fashion was both bold and unique.

10 most classic and stylish outfit ideas from 60s men's fashion:

• 60s outfit look

• Weekend atmosphere

• Everyday clothes

• In the vacation

• Teenage appearance

• Racing car styling

• Surfers

• Hippie movement

• Beatnik fashion

• 60s prom look

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For the 60s suit look, men wore a tailored suit in dull or muted colors like gray, blue, brown, etc.
In the 60s, men wore suits that were not too tight.

To complete the outfit, the men wore plain white shirts with plain skinny ties.
To make it look more luxurious, they also added cufflinks.

If they want a bit of a sophisticated look, they will add a tie clip to the tie.
And finally, here's a long wool coat to complete this look.

Weekend atmosphere

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Is it the weekend already?
People are always excited about the weekend, but do you know how men dressed on weekends in the early 60s?
No right?

For their weekend look, they swapped their suits and tuxedos for cardigans.
Even on weekends, they create semi-formal outfits by not wearing a tie.
They often add polo shirts instead of shirts.
For the bottom, they wear plain pants with flat shoes.

Everyday clothes

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Want to know an interesting fact about 60s fashion?
This is!

Bright colors dominated everywhere in the 60s, like green, orange, pink, yellow, blue, red, etc.
Color was the best part of the early 60s when it came to fashion.
Their casual wear includes all knit shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts.
For the bottom, these shirts are paired with slim-fit pants.

To complete their casual look, they wore matching socks with loafers and a belt.
Loafers can also be replaced with any Oxford shoe for an overall polished look.

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In the vacation

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Can you imagine men having a specific holiday dress style in the 1960s?
I couldn't imagine it before, but now I definitely can.

Men in the 60s were very fashionable.
They wear a distinctive outfit consisting of a plain button-down shirt or a short-sleeved plaid shirt.

For pants, they have high-waisted long shorts.
This 60s outfit idea includes knee-high athletic socks and loafers.
For accessories, they only have woven belts.

Teenage appearance

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Are you a teenager?
Or are you looking for your teenager?
Surely you both can understand.
Teenage fashion in the 60s was no different from their father's fashion.
They wear striped or plaid shirts or polo shirts.
For the bottom, they choose neutral pants with white socks and a pair of loafers for school or college.

On weekends, they often choose casual outfits including jeans with button-down shirts or Black Tape cut-out T-shirts.

Racing car appearance

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The name itself describes the purpose of the interface.
Yes, you are right.
It's a racer look.
The 60s era was very popular in terms of fashion.

Racing apparel includes corduroy pants, suede gloves, turtleneck shirts, motorcycle boots and suede jackets.
While the racing look includes a cafe racer leather jacket which is a must for this look.

To complete the pilot look, they wear zip-up jackets or fleece jackets and even mechanic's shirts.

Male surfer

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Did you know surfing was very popular in the 60s?
Yes yes, it was very popular.
Men in this era look like real surfers.
This style of clothing gives off a beachy feel by wearing shorts or shorts that reach mid-thigh.
This look also includes flared pants, cabanas, and more.

Men loved surfing in the 60s because it was very popular at that time.

hippie movement

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The hippie movement sounds interesting.
Trust me, it not only looks interesting but also looks interesting.
Men in the 60s were so fashionable and stylish, it was unbelievable.

The hippie movement was mainly about fun, colors, experiences and more.
This '60s style includes flared pants that can be floral or denim flared pants.

For shirts, men wear paisley shirts with suede vests.
To complete the look, they also have fringed jackets, headbands, printed scarves, and more.
for a fun look.
Beatnik movement

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The beatnik movement arose from a popular youth subculture.
It has an appeal to poets, artists, musicians and writers.

The beatnik movement was the simplest and most elegant movement in men's fashion in the 1960s.
The look was simple and easy to do.

The look includes a striped sweater or turtleneck paired with narrow-leg pants.
To complete their look, they wore black shoes and sunglasses.

Berets are optional if they want to add a sophisticated look.

60s prom look

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It was a hype in the 60s regarding prom.
For all men, this is an opportunity to get ready without wearing an all-black tuxedo.

'60s prom style includes a white shawl collar jacket with black pants, a smart black bow tie, and a white ruffled tuxedo shirt.

Colors like bright blue and light gray were also classic in the early 60s.
They were worn in just one color or paired with black pants.
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We showed you how to perfect the look by choosing the perfect style that fits the decade.
By the 1960s, there were several major styles that honored a particular subculture.

Each of these major styles is unique, certain types of men prefer one over the other.
Therefore, the choice of style often depends on personality and preferences.

Each look offers the freedom and creativity associated with the era, but all are unique.
If you're dressing up for a 60s-themed party, it's best to choose a theme before you start.