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Made for the home barista.

The Magenta Prestige is perfect for home baristas who want a no hassle ‘grab and go’ machine. You can whip up espressos or milk beverages on this super-automatic machine and you will always end up with delicious barista-quality drinks. It’s super simple to maintain and keep clean. With a bunch of options to personalize your favorite beverages, you can sit back and relax while Gaggia’s Magenta Prestige does all the hard work. Robust customization options allow you to further refine your drinks to your exact specifications.


  • UP TO 12 BEVERAGES: Choose from any of the 12 beverages available and get the ultimate barista experience at home. Beverages include: r ristretto, espresso, espresso lungo, coffee, americano, cappuccino, café au lait, frothed milk, flat white, latte macchiato, cafè cortado and hot water.
  • INTEGRATED MILK CARAFE: With one touch, the integrated milk carafe froths milk twice, removes all bubbles to get a perfect froth, and ensures milk is at the right temperature. The automatic cleaning cycle and removeable feature allows you to store the carafe in the fridge, making it hygienic.
  • USER Interface: The wide user interface with full color display and capacitive buttons ensures more control and visibility for an improved user experience. Preparing beverages is made super simple and all cleaning procedures, so you can get a perfect beverage every use.
  • BRAND NEW USER INTERFACE: The wide, intuitive, and fully detailed screen guides you through all the personalization, brewing, and cleaning functions.
  • ESPRESSO TRAY: Pull it out to prepare flawless espressos with an impeccable crema layer, while avoiding splashes during brewing. Push it back in when you prefer to brew drinks in taller glasses.
  • 100% CERAMIC ADJUSTABLE GRINDERS: The resistant 100% ceramic grinders extract the purest essence from coffee beans, preventing overheating and burning. This guarantees a long-lasting machine, silence and the best cup of coffee every time. Select from 10 options to customize your espresso, from the finest grind for a strong taste, to the coarsest for a lighter coffee.
  • OPTIAROMA: This feature gives you the possibility to personalize the aroma intensity. Choose the quantity of ground coffee per cup from 5 different options to create tailored coffee-based drinks.
  • AROMA LID: The coffee bean container preserves even more aroma thanks to its special lid.
  • PRE-BREWING: Every espresso has a unique taste thanks to the pre-brewing feature that pauses for a few seconds between the first shower of hot water and the actual brewing process.
  • REMOVABLE BREW GROUP: The heart of the machine doses and tamps the right amount of ground coffee for all your espressos. It is removable, washable under the tap, and easily reinserted back into the core of the machine.
  • GROUND COFFEE OPTION: Easily brew different ground coffee blends, including decaffeinated coffee.
  • QUICK HEAT BOILER: The boiler is made from light aluminum and stainless steel, which can reach hot temperatures in no time. This produces hot beverages without excessive wait times.
  • 100% ITALIAN EXCELLENCE: Made in Italy with a guaranteed premium quality and a neverending passion for espresso making!
  • WARRANTY: 1 year manufacturer warranty.


Technical Specifications
  • Bean Container Capacity: 250g
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.8L
  • Milk Carafe Capacity: 0.5 L
  • Max. Cup Height: 155 mm
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 22.4 x 43.5 x 35.7 cm
  • Weight: 7.7 kg
  • Power: 1900 Watts
  • 15 bar pressure pump


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Gaggia Magenta Prestige Super Automatic Espresso Machine RI8702/46